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Top > NDL to Implement a New Search System in January 2018 > The National Diet Library Online Search and Request Service

The National Diet Library Online Search and Request Service

* Images of the search results, cart, and online user registration screen were added to this page.

The National Diet Library Online Search and Request Service (NDL Online) is a new service from the National Diet Library, replacing the NDL-OPAC. NDL Online features an intuitive interface that is easy to understand, even for first-time users.

Major services and functionality of the NDL Online are shown below.

Image: NDL Online top page (under development)

1. Search for printed materials or digital contents

Search the NDL's holdings for either printed materials or digital contents.

Image: Search result screen of NDL Online (under development)

  1. Keyword Search
  2. Advanced Search
    Apply filters to make detailed searches for books, periodicals, newspapers, or other specific materials.
  3. Major search categories
    Library materials held by the National Diet Library
    Books, Periodicals, Newspaper or Magazine Articles (the Japanese Periodicals Index), Japanese and Chinese Old Materials, Materials on the Allied Occupation of Japan, Standards, Reports, etc.
    Digital contents
    The NDL Digital Collection, E-Books, E-Journals, etc.
    Materials for Persons with Print Disabilities
    Audio recordings of academic literature produced by NDL
    Subject information
    Content database (Research Navi)

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2. Requesting library services

The addition of a new "shopping cart" function allows patrons to request more than one material at a time.

Image: Cart screen of NDL Online (under development)

  1. Services for Individual Registered Users
    Reservations for browsing (Kansai-kan only)
    Interfacility requests for browsing
    Remote photoduplication requests
    Article research service for photoduplication
    This service provides patrons with help finding where in a library material (volume, number, etc.) a specific article or thesis to be copied is located.
  2. Services available through public libraries or other affiliated institutions
    Interlibrary requests for loan via onsite pickup
    Interlibrary requests for loan via mail
    Remote photoduplication
    These functions will be performed via NDL Online starting in January 2018.

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3. Other improvements

Compatibility with smartphones, an English-language request interface, and other improvements help accommodate a wider range of patrons than ever before.
In addition, the user registration application process is more convenient than ever.

Image: Online user registration screen of NDL Online (under development)

  1. Compatibility with smartphones
  2. English-language request interface
  3. User registration application via the Internet
    NDL Online features user registration application via the Internet. Patrons who complete the user registration process via NDL Online may use the NDL's remote user services and may also enjoy all onsite library services when they visit the NDL by following the procedure to receive a Registration Card.
  4. My List
    Maintain a list of retrieved bibliographic records.
  5. Download bibliographic records in TSV or BibTex format
    Please use NDL-Bib to download data in MARC format.

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