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Results of the on-site user survey of FY2015

In FY2015, the NDL conducted on-site user survey of Tokyo Main Library, the Kansai-kan, ILCL* and four of the Special Materials Rooms in Tokyo Main Library ("Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room", "Humanities Room", "Business, Science and Technology Room", "Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room ") shown in the table below.

The NDL on-site user survey was conducted from July to August 2015.
We thank participants for responding to the questionnaires.

*ILCL : International Library of Children's Literature, one of our branch libraries

[Table] Survey period and the number of responses
Respondents Period Questionnaire distributed Reponses collected Response
On-site users of the Tokyo Main Library Aug27-29 (3days) 3,777 1,886 50%
On-site users of the Kansai-kan Jul25-Aug15 (19days) 1,751 1,025 59%
On-site users of the ILCL(adult) Jul25-Aug11 (15days) 2,735 1,061 39%
On-site users of the ILCL(under 18) 1,429 530 37%
On-site users of the Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room Aug10-22 (11days) 311 221 71%
On-site users of the Humanities Room 200 135 68%
On-site users of the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room 116 99 85%
On-site users of the Business, Science and Technology Room Aug10-25 (13days) 790 400 51%

Simple tabulation (in Japanese)

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