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Results of the remote-user surveys of FY2016

In FY2016, the NDL conducted two types of surveys for remote users shown in the table below.

For the survey of the NDL website, questionnaire forms were put on the website so that respondents could complete and submit answers online. For the survey of libraries, 1,300 questionnaire forms were sent to prefectural libraries and institutions registered agencies for ISIL(International Standard identifier for libraries and related organizations).

The NDL website survey was conducted from June to September 2016, and the Library survey was conducted from July to August 2016. We thank participants for responding to the questionnaires.

[Table] Survey period and the number of responses
Type of survey Respondents Period Responses collected Questionnaire distributed (libraries) Response rate (%)
NDL Website Remote users (individual) Jun. 20 - Sep. 23 1,091
Libraries(*) Domestic libraries and related institutions Jul. 11 – Aug.10 1,016 1,300 78.2

* Libraries inside Japan, excluding branch libraries in the executive and judicial branches of the government

Simple tabulation (in Japanese)

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