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Top > What's New > News > Electronic money cards are now accepted for payment at copying centers.

2016-12-12 Electronic money cards are now accepted for payment at copying centers.

Payment of photocopy fees at the Tokyo Main Library and the Kansai-kan may now be made with electronic money cards.

We accept payment per electronic money at the following service counters:

  • Tokyo Main Library: Copying Center, Printout Counter and Newspaper Copying Center
  • Kansai-kan: Photoduplication Counter (for self-service and same-day photoduplication, printouts of electronic materials)

Please note that the ILCL accepts cash only.

We accept payment with the following electronic money cards.

Name of electronic money Card issuer
nanaco Seven Card Service Co.,Ltd.
Rakuten Edy Rakuten Edy Inc.
Kitaca Hokkaido Railway Company
Suica East Japan Railway Company
TOICA Central Japan Railway Company
manaca Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd.
ICOCA West Japan Railway Company
SUGOCA Kyushu Railway Company
nimoca NIMOCA Co.,Ltd.
Hayakaken Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau

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