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National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 210, February 2017

The 6th China-Japan-Korea Digital Library Initiative (CJKDLI) Meeting

The 6th meeting of the China-Japan-Korea Digital Library Initiative (CJKDLI) was held on December 1 and 2, 2016, at the National Library of Korea (NLK) in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and four staff members each from the National Diet Library (NDL) and National Library China (NLC) and nine from the NLK were in attendance. The CJKDLI is a collaborative project based on the CJKDLI Agreement in August 2010 between the NLC, the NDL and the NLK, aiming at integrated search and use of the cultural and academic heritage of the nations on the Internet.

<<Group photo>>

In the meeting, after update reports by each library on their efforts in digital library services for the past year, the NLK talked on progress in developing the CJKDLI portal site "CJK Digital Library (Beta ver.)," which was agreed in the 5th meeting in 2015, and the three parties discussed problems to be solved for its release to the public.

<<Photo of the meeting>>

During the discussion, the following points were agreed:

  • To aim at an official launch of the portal site in September 2017
  • The NLK continues to develop the system of the portal site
  • To store metadata of the digitized materials in the portal site
  • To widely report achievements of the project, for example, in the 25th meeting of the Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania (CDNLAO) to be held in China in May 2017, and the 83rd IFLA General Conference and Assembly to be held in Poland in August 2017
  • To exchange approximately 20 titles of digitized materials in 2017

The 7th meeting is to be held in the NLC in 2017.

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