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National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 216, February 2018

The 36th Mutual Visit Program between the National Diet Library and the National Library of China

<<NLC delegation and senior officials of the NDL>>

The 36th mutual visit program of the National Diet Library (NDL) and the National Library of China (NLC) was held in Tokyo from November 14 to November 21, 2017. Headed by Mr. LI Honglin, Deputy Director of the NLC, the delegation consisted of the following other four members: Ms. SHEN Xiaojuan, Deputy Director, Research Institute; Mr. Cao Wei, Director, Logistics Services and Management Center; Mr. SUN Boyang, Deputy Director, Coordination & Operation Management Division; and Ms. JIANG Jing, General Service Section, Legislative Reference Service Department (interpreter).

The highlight activities of the program are shown in the table below. Detailed presentations were made in each session, followed by active Q&A exchanges.

<<Table: Main program schedule>>
Opening Session
(Keynote speech)
November 15, 2017
  • Activities of the NDL 2016-2017
    • Mr. Mitsuaki AMINO (Deputy Librarian, NDL)
  • New start, new initiative, new development: NLC is now moving ahead
    • Mr. LI Honglin (Deputy Director, NLC)
Session 1
November 16, 2017

Theme: Activity performance evaluation

  • Activity performance evaluation of the NDL
    • Mr. Yoshitaka ITO (Director, Planning Division, Administrative Department, NDL)
  • The 13th Five-Year Plan Outline of the NLC
    • Ms. SHEN Xiaojuan (Deputy Director, Research Institute, NLC)
Session 2
November 17, 2017

Theme: Research and development at national libraries

  • Research and development at the NDL
    • Mr. Kentaro ABE (Chief, Research and Information Section, Library Support Division, Kansai-kan of the NDL)
    • Mr. Hisayoshi HARADA (Director, Research and Development for Next-Generation Systems Office, Digital Information Services Division, Digital Information Department, NDL)
  • The NLC Science and Technology Innovation Services
    • Mr. SUN Boyang (Deputy Director, Coordination & Operation Management Division, NLC)