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Top > Our Services > Instructions for Use of the National Diet Library

Information for Visitors

To enter the Library, it is necessary to agree to the Instructions for the On-site Use of the National Diet Library.

Visiting Hours

The opening hours of the National Diet Library are different between the Tokyo Main Library, the Kansai-kan, and the ILCL. Please make sure of the opening hours before visiting. Also considering the time needed to find material titles and call numbers, your sufficiently early visit is recommended.

Qualification for Entry

Anybody 18 years of age or older from any nation can visit and use the Tokyo Main Library and the Kansai-kan. People under the age of 18 can also enter the ILCL (Researcher's Reading Rooms on the 2nd floor requires application for entrance).

Taking Belongings

  • *Visitors are not allowed to carry into the Library bags, envelopes and any other opaque containers 7x10 inches (17-25cm) or larger. There is no size restriction to transparent bags and acrylic cases, in which you are recommended to put writing instruments, purses, valuables.
  • *Please switch portable phones to pulse mode in the NDL building and use them only in designated areas.
  • *Personal computers, word processor, sound-generating pocket calculators may be used in certain designated sections of the Library.
  • *Smoking is not allowed in the Library, except in the smoking area on the walkway between the Main Building and the Annex on the second floor.
  • *Visitors carrying a lunch or other foods with them may eat in the cafeteria on the sixth floor. Eating and drinking while using a library material are prohibited any time.

User Card

The user card issued upon entering the Library is required when searching, requesting receiving, returning and having materials photocopied; you should not lose or damage it. (Caution! Do not leave your user card in the OPAC terminals, etc.). Please notify the staff at the nearest counter or at the Reception Desk if the card is lost.

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