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Reader Service

Some materials are available on open shelves in the Reading Room and other materials are kept in the closed stacks.
Neither the open-access materials in the Reading Room nor the materials in the closed stacks can be taken out of the library by individual users.

Materials in the Reading Room (map) -- freely accessible in the Reading Room

The reading room consists of two sections: the General Collections Room and the Asian Resources Room. You can freely access the materials on the open shelves in the reading rooms, or use CD-ROMs, electronic journals and online databases at the reading desk for digital Publications.

  • Please do not use the reading seats if you are not using the library's materials.

General Collections Room

The General Collections Room holds in open stacks the reference books of every field (except for those concerning the Asian region), abstracts, indexes, domestic government publications/statutes and parliamentary documents, library and information science materials, major periodicals and newspapers, nationwide telephone directories, etc.

Asian Resources Room

The Asian Resources Room holds in open stacks reference books, periodicals, newspapers, etc. concerning Asia (including the Middle East and North Africa but excluding Japan).

Use of electronic materials

Digital publications such as electronic journals and CD-ROMs are available in the Kansai-kan. You can also access the images of materials stored in the NDL (NDL Digital Collections).

Visitor information

  • Information services concerning access to the materials in the Reading Room and guidance about the reference books are available at the Information Desk and the Asian Information Desk. Please inquire at the Asian Information Desk for information concerning Asia and at the Information Desk for other subjects.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the Reading Room.
  • Cell phone conversations must take place outside the Reading Rooms.
  • Your own personal computers, etc. may be used in the designated sections of the library (electrical outlets available).
  • Please do not use the reading seats if you are not using the library's materials.
  • Since many people wish to use the open-access materials, the Kansai-kan does not offer regular copying services (copies delivered at a later date) for these materials.

Materials in the closed stacks -- request necessary for retrieval

Requesting materials

Using the computer terminal at the reading seat, search the NDL-OPAC (online catalog) and make a request for the material you need online.

Requests for closed stack materials are accepted between 10:00 and 17:15.

*For materials not listed in the online catalogs, use the various tools in the library to find out the necessary information such as the call number, and then make a request for the material online or by a call slip. For details, inquire at the Information Desk.

Collecting materials

The arrival of the material and the collection point will be indicated on the computer terminal in the reading room ("Arrival/Dispatch Information" on the NDL-OPAC) and on the electronic screen. Please go to the designated counter to receive the material, showing your user card.

*In some cases, a requested item may not be available.

The Kansai-kan provides photoduplication services (charged) within the limits of the Copyright Law. Fill in the request form and hand it to the Photoduplication Service Counter.

Returning materials

Please return the materials to the Circulation Counter.

*You cannot take any library materials out of the library.

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