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Reader Service

User Registration

Access to materials in closed stacks is available only to Registered Users. Please see Registered User System and Library Services (PDF: 410KB) for the details of the procedure.

Search and Request

The majority of the NDL's holdings are in closed stacks.
First, set your user card in the holder of the user terminal. Search the material and make requests from the NDL-OPAC. When you leave the terminal, take your user card out. Requests must be made no later than 18:00 (16:00 on Saturday).
You can search library materials using the NDL-OPAC available on this website, too.
To enable the greatest number of visitors to enjoy library services, we set a limit on the number of books a visitor can receive at one time.

Search and Request of books

Reader Service

If the book you are looking for is one of a series with the same title, you must indicate its volume number when requesting it. You can request up to three titles of books including the ones you are waiting for.
If the materials you are looking for are not included in the NDL-OPAC, use various tools provided in the library (card catalogs, book catalogs, etc.) and make requests with call-slips. For details, please ask at the General Information Desk.

Search and Request of periodicals

When making requests, you need to indicate the volume number or publication year/month. Please note, however, that NDL-OPAC may not be able to return search results if you enter the publication year and volume number in the Advanced Search.
If you are not sure of the number and date, please inquire at the General Information Desk. You can request up to ten titles of periodicals including the ones you are waiting for.
Please note that most periodicals in western languages (including those published in Japan) are held in the Kansai-kan though some titles are available in the Tokyo Main Library in electronic form. Please check the list of electronic journals (in Japanese). For details, please ask at the General Information Desk or the staff in the Support Area.

Collecting and Reading

Requested books arrive at the Book Counter and periodicals arrive at the Periodicals Counter in 20-30 minutes (longer at busier times). When the requested material arrives, you can check the status of your requests on the user terminal or review request terminals in the library. Please come to the counter with your user card to receive the requested material.
Please read the materials in one of the reading rooms.


You can copy library materials within the limits of the Copyright Law of Japan (copy charge). Please present a request form and request at the Copying Center. To request Same-day photoduplication, create a photoduplication request form on a user terminal, and print out the form from a photoduplication request form printer. Fill out the form and place the request on a copying counter. Please see Photoduplication Service for the details of the procedure.


All materials must be returned to the counters that issued them by 19:00 (17:00 on Saturday). Please show your user card at the Counter when returning them.
Library materials cannot be taken outside the library building.

Special Materials

The procedures for requesting and receiving special materials, such as newspapers and phonographic records, differ slightly from one special materials room to another. As a reservation must be made in some cases, visitors wishing access to materials other than books and periodicals should inquire at each relevant special materials room.

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