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Top > Our Services > Instructions for Use of the National Diet Library > Instructions for the On-site Use of the National Diet Library

Instructions for the On-site Use of the National Diet Library (PDF:95KB)

March, 2017
National Diet Library

Reader services and other on-site services are provided in accordance with the Instructions for the On-site Use of the Tokyo Main Library and the Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library (NDL(PS)1301171 of 2013) based on the National Diet Library Rules Concerning the Use of Library Materials (National Diet Library Rule no.5 of 2004).
These instructions are given in order to ensure good library services for all users, to preserve library materials as cultural assets,and to assure their availability to future generations.

Please abide by the following conditions:

1. Prohibited Items

Users are not allowed to carry any of the following items inside the Library. Please ask at the Entrance Counters if you need such items for medical or other reasons.

  • (1)Opaque bags or containers 17 x 25 cm or larger, including briefcases, shopping bags, or envelopes.
  • (2)Copiers, cameras, video cameras, scanners, etc. .
  • (3)Penknives, cutters, razors, or other objects with a sharp blade.
  • (4)Umbrellas (folding umbrellas).
  • (5)Animals and plants.
  • (6)Any other items deemed inadvisable from the perspective of preserving library materials, ensuring security, or maintaining a good reading environment for users.
2. Deposit of baggage

Users are requested to deposit baggage in a locker and carry valuables, notebooks, or other necessary items in a transparent bag. Keeping your things in a safe place is your own responsibility. The Library cannot be responsible for the loss of personal possessions. The Library reserves the right to inspect the content of transparent bags when users leave the Library. Lockers are not available for overnight storage. Items left in lockers after the Library closes are treated as lost articles.

3. Provision of personal information

To receive a One Day User Card and gain entrance to the library, please fill in all items on the application form, including your name and other personal information.Also, please fill out call slips correctly with your name, address, and the call number of library materials or other information you are requesting.

4. Generally prohibited acts

The following acts are prohibited in the Library:

  • (1)Speaking in a loud voice.
  • (2)Making unnecessarily loud noises or playing audio from portable devices.
  • (3)Violent behavior against other users or the library staff.
  • (4)Harassment or overtly sexual behavior toward other users or the library staff.
  • (5)Stalking or threatening other users or library staff.
  • (6)Talking on cell phones except in designated areas.
  • (7)Using any portable recording device such as an audio recorder, video recorder, camera, or scanner.
  • (8)Using your own earphones or headphones except in designated areas or when necessitated by a medical or other condition.
  • (9)Using electrical outlets for personal computers or other devices except in designated areas, or for any purpose not necessary for using the Library. For security reasons, the Library reserves the right to keep personal possessions deemed abandoned.
  • (10)Drinking or eating, including gum or candy, in areas other than cafeterias and coffee shops. Users may drink beverages from containers with tight caps as long as they are not in direct proximity to library materials or computer terminals.
    Beverage containers are to be kept in transparent bags. Avoid putting library materials into any bag that contains drinks.
  • (11)Smoking (including smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, or other types.) in areas other than the smoking room.
  • (12)Entering and exiting the Library without passing through users gates.
  • (13)Any behavior the Library prohibits from the perspective of preserving library materials, ensuring security, or maintaining a good reading environment for users.
5. User cards

The following rules apply to the use of Registration Cards, Pre-registration Cards, Temporary Cards and One Day User Cards.

  • (1)Take care not to lose, bend, deface, or otherwise damage cards.
  • (2)Do not share user IDs or passwords with others.
  • (3)Do not lend or borrow the cards.
  • (4)Do not leave the cards on terminals for a long time.
  • (5)Be sure to return Pre-registration Cards, Temporary Cards, and One Day User Cards to the Entrance Counter when you leave the Library.
6. Use of library materials

Users are requested to observe the following:

  • (1)Read library materials only in designated areas within the Library.
  • (2)Handle library materials with care. Avoid bending, throwing, or otherwise handling library materials roughly.
  • (3)Avoid cutting or tearing library materials.
  • (4)Avoid writing in library materials.
  • (5)Avoid eating or drinking, including gum or candy, while reading library materials.
  • (6)Avoid taking library materials into cafeterias or coffee shops. If there are no lockers available, please keep library materials inside the transparent bag together with your belongings.
  • (7)Avoid taking library materials into the smoking room.
  • (8)Avoid taking library materials into restrooms.
  • (9)Taking library materials out of the Library is strictly prohibited.
  • (10)Please remember that you are responsible for any library materials you borrow until they are returned.
  • (11)Please do not misplace, deface, or otherwise damage library materials.
7. Returning materials and leaving the Library

All library materials are to be returned to their designated place in accordance with Library procedure. Users are asked not to leave the Library until all library materials have been properly returned, except those left at a Copying Center for later date photoduplication. Also, be sure to pick up any printouts you have ordered at the Printout Counter before leaving the Library.

8. Facilities and other equipment

Users are requested to observe the following when using Library facilities and equipment:

  • (1)Avoid handling computers or other equipment roughly.
  • (2)Avoid defacing or damaging tables, chairs, or other equipment.
  • (3)Avoid damaging restrooms or other facilities at the Library.
  • (4)Taking equipment out of the Library is strictly prohibited.
9. Follow instructions from the library staff

Users are requested to follow all instructions concerning the use of materials and facilities given by library officials and employees. Users are also prohibited from interfering with the work of the library staff.

10. Termination of Library privileges

Users who do not observe the above conditions could be asked to leave the Library or have their Library privileges terminated, if they fail to heed warnings about their behavior. Users who violate Items 4(3), (4), 6(3), (9) or 8(3) above will immediately have their Library privileges terminated and be escorted from the Library.

11. Civil and penal liability

Users who stain, damage, or lose library materials, equipment, or facilities at the National Diet Library are expected to make compensation in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. In cases where failure to observe the above conditions is construed to constitute a crime, the National Diet Library will report such behavior to the police or other relevant authority

12. Suspension of Library privileges

Users who do not observe the above conditions or follow instructions from Library personnel could be ordered to stop using library materials based on the National Diet Library Rules Concerning the Use of Library Materials and suspended from admission, taking into consideration the situation of the prohibited acts or of violation.

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