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Photoduplication Service

Photocopy Fee Chart (Domestic)

Various copying methods are used depending on the materials to be copied. Please confirm the type of materials in the corresponding bibliographic information. Please note that the requested copying method or the copying service itself may not be available owing to the condition of materials or other reasons.

Photocopy type Type of materials Color Size Fee
(note 1)
  • Ordinary photocopying.
  • Unless otherwise specified, A4 or B4 size paper will be used according to the size of materials to be photocopied.
  • Neither enlarged nor reduced photocopying is available.
  • Damaged, deteriorated, or other problematic materials are generally copied from microfilm or microfiche, either to paper or to film.
(book form)
A4 / B4 25.92 yen
(24 yen excl. tax)
A3 51.84 yen
(48 yen excl. tax)
A2 103.68 yen
(96 yen excl. tax)
Color B4 / A3 140.4 yen
(130 yen excl. tax)
Printouts of electronic material
A4 / B4 15.12 yen
(14 yen excl. tax)
A3 30.24 yen
(28 yen excl. tax)
Color A4 / B4 49.68 yen
(46 yen excl. tax)
A3 99.36 yen
(92 yen excl. tax)
Paper copy from microfilms or microfiches
  • Microfilm or microfiche images are enlarged and printed on ordinary paper.
  • Color copying is available only for colored microfilms of Prange Collection in the International Library of Children's Literature.
A4 / B4 32.4 yen
(30 yen excl. tax)
A3 64.8 yen
(60 yen excl. tax)
Inter-film printing
  • Printing from microfiche to microfiche or from microfilm to microfilm is available.
  • Microfilm copies comprise negative images.
162 yen per sheet
(150 yen excl. tax)
162 yen
up to 30 cm per request
(150 yen excl. tax)
Additional 73.44 yen
for every 30 cm
for microfilm
exceeding 30 cm
(68 yen excl. tax)
Photographic microfilming
  • Materials will be photographed to prepare negative-image microfilms.
  • This method is used when ordinary photocopying of damaged, deteriorated, or otherwise problematic materials is not possible.
  • If a material must be copied to microfilm and then copied for enlargement on ordinary paper, fees for both processes will be charged.
  • Color film is not available.
(book form)
162 yen
for the first frame
per request
(150 yen excl. tax)
Additional 41.04 yen
for every frame
from the second frame
(38 yen excl. tax)
(note 1)
The following fees will be charged for copying delivered by mail or parcel:
  • Packing fee : 162 yen (150 yen excluding tax), Postage (at cost)
(note 2)
An additional 10 yen per sheet when copying materials in Japanese-style bindings and inserting slip sheets for preventing back projection.
(note 3)
Fees are rounded down to the nearest yen.

(Revised January, 2017)

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