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Reference Service

How to use the Kansai-kan

For inquiries on how to access the materials, search the catalogs, use the facilities, etc., please ask at the Information Desk or the Asian Information Desk.

How to search the subject information

Staff of the Kansai-kan will give you search tips and help you find books, periodicals and reference documents, etc. depending on your research theme, and will also refer you to the organizations and institutions relevant to your research theme, if necessary. Please inquire at the Asian Information Desk for information concerning Asia (including the Middle East and North Africa, but excluding Japan) or at the Information Desk for other subjects.

The NDL website also offers tips on searching the subject information. "Guide for Search by Theme"(Japanese only).

If looking for a particular material, you are advised to use NDL-OPAC or contact us by phone before visiting us to confirm whether or not the material you need is held by the Kansai-kan.

The Kansai-kan does not offer reference services in the following areas:

  1. Answering questions that require guesswork, conjecture or judgment by NDL staff (e.g. predicting the future)
  2. Recommending "good" books and intermediating in book transactions
  3. Appraising old books, writings, works of art, including their market prices
  4. Interpreting, commenting on, translating or summarizing books and articles
  5. Conducting research for school assignments, reports, graduation theses and finding answers to quizzes
  6. Conducting research that may infringe on individual privacy
  7. Providing private counseling, legal advice, medical advice and the like
  8. Compiling a systematic bibliography on a specific subject
  9. Conducting research on behalf of specific individuals and organizations
  10. Searching for an article or photograph for which there is no adequate means of search

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