The Meiji and Taisho Eras in Photographs: From photographs in publications held by the National Diet Library - Tokyo, Kansai, Tohoku in Photographs


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Posted Materials

Posted images are from photo albums and photograph collections held by the National Diet Library. A large number of examples have been selected from the following photo albums and photograph collections in particular.

  • Jinzan Chisuicho, Mitsumura Shashinbu, 1902 <Call Number: 401-10>
  • Chiri Shashincho, Noguchi Yasuoki, Toyosha, 1900 <Call Number: 87-35>
  • Nihon Shashincho, Tayama Muneto, Tomoe Shokai, 1912 <Call Number: 408-51>
  • Nihon no Meisho, Segawa Mitsuyuki, Shiden Hensansho, 1900 <Call Number: 403-76>
  • Tabi no Iezuto, Mitsumura Shashinbu, 1898-1902 <Call Number: 8-222>
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Photo explanations, etc

The title for each photo is an exact transcription of the notation on the posted materials, however old-style kanji characters have been converted to modern kanji and English spelling mistakes have been corrected.
In cases where descriptions and other information related to posted photos are contained in the "NDL Digital Collections" or the "The Landmarks of Edo in Color Woodblock Prints" NDL Digital Exhibition, links are provided to view said descriptions and other information.
In addition, when individuals related to the photos are contained within the "Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures" NDL Digital Exhibition, links are provided to view portraits, simple histories and other information about the individuals.
Addresses are all from the late Meiji to Taisho eras, and have mainly been referenced from photo explanatory notes and NDL Digital Collections linked descriptions.


Columns were created by library employees.

Searching for old photos

The following materials categorize photographic collections held by the NDL and note the details of their contents (captions). Those searching for old photos should refer to these materials.

  • "National Diet Library Inventory of Photographic Collections, 1868-1926 (Comprehensive list of the details of contents of photo books and albums possessed by the NDL- Meiji, Taisho version)" Reference Service and Bibliography, No. 33, November 1987 <Call Number: Z21-291>
  • National Diet Library Inventory of Photographic Collections, 1926-1945 (Comprehensive list of the details of contents of photo books and albums possessed by the NDL- early Showa version), National Diet Library Special Materials Department, Sold by: Kinokuniya Shoten, 1999 <Call Number: KC711-G5>

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