Research Materials

Research Materials series is a monograph series published irregularly.(Japanese) It also contains reports of interdisciplinary researches and the "Science and Technology Research Project".(Japanese, summary in English)


Current Situation and Issues of Foreign Workers in the EU with a Focus on Germany

Policy Decisions And Scientific Literacy

Infrastructure for Data-Driven Society

Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence/Robotics and Work/Employment

  • Part 1  Trends in Research and Technology (PDF: 2,311KB)
    • Ⅰ  Knowledge Processing / Machine Learning 
    • Ⅱ  Natural Language Processing 
    • Ⅲ  Image Acquisition and Recognition 
    • Ⅳ  Speech User Interface 
    • Ⅴ  Human Agent Interaction 
    • Ⅵ  Robotics 
    • Ⅶ  IoT 
    • Ⅷ  Multi-agent System 
    • Ⅸ  Crowdsourcing 
  • Part 2  AI Trends by Domain (PDF: 4,825KB)
    • Ⅰ  Healthcare
    • Ⅱ  Elderly Care
    • Ⅲ  Art and Design
    • Ⅳ  Education
    • Ⅴ  Hospitality
    • Ⅵ  Transportation / Mobility
    • Ⅶ  Agriculture
    • Ⅷ  Security
    • Column 1  AI and Military Use Overseas
    • Column 2  Japanese Chess (Shogi)
  • Part 3  AI and Employment Overseas, and in Development, Utilization and Management of Human Resources (PDF: 1,625KB)
    • Ⅰ  AI, Robotics and Employment Policy Trends in US
    • Ⅱ  AI, Robotics and Employment Policy Trends in EU and Germany
    • Ⅲ  AI and Employment Issues in France
    • Ⅳ  AI, Robotics, and Labor in the Chinese Workplace
    • Ⅴ  Technological Innovation and Employment
    • Ⅵ  Human Resources and Labor Management by ICT and its Regulation: Japan and Overseas
    • Ⅶ  Development and Recruitment of AI-related Human Resources

Rules of Procedure of the French National Assembly

Trends and Issues of Autonomous Driving Technology

Value Added Taxes in Foreign Countries(2018)

The European Union at the Crossroads


Family diversity: From European experiences

Transformation of Science and Technology Policies in the Post-Cold War Era

International Trends in Space Policies

Building a Society of Diversity


Arguments on Constitutional Review (Revised Edition)

The functions of parliament in the global era--suggestions for Japanese politics from the EU experiences

Lower House Electoral Systems in Foreign Countries

Frontiers in Life Sciences : Progress and Ethical Issues in Research and Development

Aspects in Life Sciences

Constitutions of the World (10) Hungary