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Facilities and Organization of the Research and Legislative Reference Bureau


Reading Room and Study Room for the Diet Members

A Reading Room and Study Room, exclusively for the use of Diet Members, are located on the sixth floor of the Main Library Building. The Reading Room provides directories, official gazettes, encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, newspapers, periodicals and the NDL publications. This Room also maintains "Shelves of books by Diet Members," a collection of printed works written by Diet Members and their biographies since the time of the Imperial Diet. The Study Room contains private study rooms and seminar rooms for group study.

Detached Library in the Diet

The Detached Library in the Diet is located in the central tower of the Diet Building, with doors to both Houses. This Library provides the latest books, periodicals, newspapers, and parliamentary documents, and offers lending, copying and reference services and online service through the Detached Library Website. Subscribed online resources are available for users. The Library has reading rooms on each side of the Houses, and provides a number of computers for general use.

Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room

The Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room holds the following:

  • Essential materials of parliamentary documents, statutory documents, official publications and international intergovernmental organization-related documents,
  • Reference materials on parliament, politics and laws & regulations (encyclopedias, directories and bibliographies, etc.),
  • Bibliographies and indexes to search legal documents,
  • Catalogs of publications of domestic and foreign government and international organizations.

RLRB Organization

The RLRB consists of 13 research services, 14 divisions, 2 offices and the Detached Library in the Diet. Taking the composition of Standing Committees in both houses of the Diet into consideration, the RLRB sets up research services and divisions to conduct research. A Senior Specialist in each research service takes responsibility for conducting research as a Director.

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