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Material Acquisition

The National Diet Library(NDL), as a national library, strives to build comprehensive collections of domestic publications through the legal deposit system; besides print publications, NDL acquires a variety of materials/information, both digital and non-digital.

Acquisition and Collection Development

NDL collects materials by the legal deposit system, purchase, international exchange and donation, etc. based on a policy for acquisition of materials.

Legal Deposit System

The legal deposit system mandates that copies of all new publications published in Japan must be sent to the National Diet Library (NDL) in accordance with the National Diet Library Law (Law No.5, February 9, 1948)

Archiving Internet Information

NDL has been regularly archiving websites published in Japan. The websites of Japanese public agencies have been comprehensively collected based on the National Diet Library Law. The websites of private organizations have been selectively collected by NDL upon obtaining permission from the publishers of the information.

Organizing Information on Science and Technology

The National Diet Library (NDL) has been involved in the acquisition and organization of both printed and electronic information on science and technology. The NDL is making these information resources widely available.

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