• What is the Legal Deposit System?

    The legal deposit system mandates that copies of all new publications published in Japan must be sent to the National Diet Library.

  • Exploring Japanese Landmarks in Nishiki-e and Photographs

    The digital exhibition "Exploring Japanese Landmarks in Nishiki-e and Photographs" presents a variety of materials from the collection of the National Diet Library, including nishiki-e and photographs of Japanese Landmarks mainly from the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho periods.

  • Archiving websites for the future

    Information on the Internet is updated frequently, and websites come and go just as quickly. To counter the ephemeral nature of information on the Internet, the National Diet Library regularly collects and archives websites to preserve their content for the future.

  • Web NDL Authorities: For accurate information retrieval

    Using Web NDL Authorities which provides organized data on authors, titles and subjects, you can search books more accurately in the NDL Online. 

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    March 26(Tue.)~June 23(Sun.),

    The Imperial Library and the Dawn of Japanese Children's Books will be held at the ILCL

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