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User Registration for Institutions

User Registration for Institutions

The National Diet Library (NDL) offers user registration service for institutions. If your institution becomes a registered user, you can request the copying service from your workplace via the Internet, without visiting the NDL in person.

Copying Service

  • To have an item copied and mailed, look it up on NDL Search from this website, choose "Photocopy", and specify the number of the volume or issue and the portion to be copied.
  • You can order copies via the Internet only for the materials searchable on NDL Search.
  • Items copied by this service are delivered only by postal mail. Copies are sent to the registered address of your institution.

* Inter-site requests and reservations of library materials for reading on-site are not available for institutional registered users. If you wish to use these services, you need to become a registered user as an individual.

* To use the interlibrary loan service, your institution must register with the user registration system for interlibrary loan services.

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Application Procedure and Other Information

1. Registration Qualification

Any institution including libraries, university libraries, or reference rooms of corporations or research institutes can be registered. There are no requirements as to the kind or scale of the institutions. The only condition for registration is that there must be at least one contact person who works there full-time and can contact us.

2. Application Procedure

You can apply for user registration by sending the following to the address below:

ILL Section,
Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library
8-1-3 Seikadai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun,
Kyoto 619-0287, Japan
(On the envelope, please write in red "User registration application".)

If the application is accepted, you will receive a "certificate of user registration" bearing your user ID number by postal mail

* You will need to wait about one week for the above documents, not including time for postal delivery.
* Institutions may not register via NDL Search. Registration via NDL Search is available only for individuals.

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Updating Registered Information

When the registered name or address of the institution has changed, please send the updated information by the following form to the ILL Section of the Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library.

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Deletion of Registration

If you wish to delete your registered information, please submit a document (there is no specific template) specifying your user ID, institution name, registered address, and contact information to the ILL Section of the Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library by postal mail or fax.

* If the library or room is closed, please be sure to complete the deletion procedure for your registered information.

If You Forgot Your Password

You can reset your password via NDL Search. You will need your user ID and email address.
For further information, please see NDL Search Help.

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For Further Inquiries about User Registration

Please contact us at the following fax number or e-mail address:

  • To ask general questions about registration
  • When you forget your user ID or password

ILL Section, Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library
Fax: +81-774-94-9112
Email: ill-secat n d l dot g o dot j p

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