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User Registration

The National Diet Library, as the only national library in Japan, is required to eternally preserve publications and materials as the nation's cultural assets that are collected mainly depending on the legal deposit system and to make them available for the people. For this purpose, we ask our visitors to register as users and use the materials in the closed stacks responsibly. We are also trying to improve users' convenience through user registration.
User registration supports you in making full use of our library in these cases, too.
The National Diet Library establishes standards about the protection of personal data and endeavors to handle the data appropriately. Please see the NDL policy on handling personal information for more information.

Registration Types and Services Available for Registered Users (as Individuals)

National Diet Library user registration for individuals is divided into two types according to the range of services available.
For information on how to register, please refer to the page corresponding to the type of registration you wish to make.
Registration is free of charge.

  1 Services for visitor 2 Remote Photoduplication 3 Article research service 4 Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Individuals
Official user registration
(Identification document required)
Available Available Available
Available only for those who live in Japan
* Agreement to the Terms of Service required.
Simple user registration
(Identification document NOT required)
Not available
* Only requests for interfacility request for browsing and reservation for browsing (the Kansai-kan only) are available.
Available Available Not available

* You will receive a registered user card at the entrance counter at the Tokyo Main Library or the Kansai-kan on your first visit.

* Simple registered users who wish to enter the library (the Tokyo Main Library and the Kansai-kan) and use NDL services must register as an official user. Please bring both your User ID and a personal identification document.

* For using the library without user registration
If you do not register as a user, you can obtain a one-day user card by entering your name and date of birth into the card issuing machine at the entrance of the Tokyo Main Library and the Kansai-kan. A one-day user card will be issued and you can enter the library with it. The following services are provided for a one-day user.

You can use the searching system and the electronic resources through the computers in our library. You cannot request materials in the closed stacks, and other services only for registered users will not be provided. You can see and copy some materials which are open on the shelf. *Your one-day user card must be returned when you leave.

In the ILCL, a one-day user card will be provided at the counter of Researchers' Reading Room when you fill in the application form for the Researchers' Reading Room with your name and address. You can also use materials in the closed stacks in the ILCL.

Registration Qualification

  • Anyone who is at least eighteen years of age is eligible to apply for user registration.
  • To apply as an official registered user, you must present an identification document that verifies your name, address, and date of birth.
  • You must provide the address of your current residence. A workplace or school address is not acceptable.
  • Irrespective of whether you apply to be an official registered user or a simple registered user, you may only obtain one User ID. We cannot issue multiple User IDs to one patron

Application Procedure

Extension of the expiry date

The validity of your registration will expire when three years have passed from the registration or the last update.
However, the expiration date is automatically updated every time the user does the following.

  • Enters the Tokyo Main Library or Kansai-kan Library
  • Enters the Researchers' Reading Rooms" of the International Children's Literature
  • Issues a new registered-user card
  • Applyies for transfer from "simple registered user" to "official registered user" and procedure is completed
  • Updates user information at the Tokyo Main Library or the Kansai-kan, or by sending application form via postal mail and procedure is completed
  • Logs in NDL Search
  • Uses the photoduplication service

To continue to enjoy our services for registered users even after expiration, you must apply for user registration again.

* The expiry date can be confirmed via the NDL Search front page. Enter your user ID and password and click on the button named My Account button.

* If you registered an email address, you will be informed 90 days before your ID expires.

For further inquiries about user registration

Please contact us at the following fax number or e-mail address:

  • To ask on general questions about registration
  • When you have lost your certificate of the user registration or registered user card
  • When you forget your user ID or password
  • When you want to check the expiration date date of your registration

ILL Section, Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library
Fax: +81-774-94-9112
Email: ill-secat n d l dot g o dot j p
Please note that we do not accept applications for registration by fax or email (including as an attached file)

National Diet Library policy on handling personal information

The National Diet Library has implemented the following policy concerning the utilization and management of personal information obtained from patrons, pursuant to the Rules on the Protection of Personal Information at the National Diet Library (National Diet Library Rule No. 4, 2017) (PDF: 357KB).

For further inquiries about the National Diet Library Patrons Personal Information Policy

Service Planning Division
Reader Services and Collections Department
Tel: +81-3-3581-2331

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