OKADA Saburosuke

Date of Birth and Death
February 22, 1869 - September 23, 1939
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Pen name etc.
Ishio (maiden name), Yoshisaburo (childhood name)


Western-style painter. He studied under Soyama Sachihiko and Kuroda Seiki. In 1895, he was awarded the 3rd prize in the 4th Naikoku-Kangyo Exposition. He went to France to study under Raphael Collin in 1897. He returned to Japan in 1902 and became a professor at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (later, Tokyo University of the Arts). In 1912, he established the art school Hongo Yoga Kenkyujo with Fujishima Takeji. He drew landscapes in the pleinairisme style and figure paintings with a sense of elegance. His representative works include Ayame no Koromo and Fujin hanshinzo. Awarded the Order of Culture in 1937.


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OKADA Saburosuke

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