Services for the Diet

The primary mission of the National Diet Library (NDL), which was established by the National Diet Library Law, is to assist in the activities of Diet Members by providing factual information and publications. The main services provided to Diet Members are "legislative research and information services" and "lending and copying services of library materials." The Research and Legislative Reference Bureau (RLRB) specializes in providing legislative research and information services. As regards lending and copying services, all the NDL departments work together to ensure satisfactory services.

Service Guidelines for the National Diet(January 2012)

NDL sets the following four goals to maintain and improve its services.

Expanding and Enhancing its role as the "Brains of the Legislature" and "Information Center for Diet Members"

  1. The Library will expand its unique professional, analytical research such as thorough research of foreign systems and interdisciplinary research.
  2. The Library will conduct research by anticipating national policy issues and produce its results through publications in various media. The Library will also schedule seminars as necessary to provide the essentials of mid- to long-term and current policy issues.
  3. In addition to constructing wider information infrastructure by expanding Library resources and usable databases, the Library will enhance its capability for insightful and comprehensive analysis. Additionally, by flexibly integrating the entire resources at its disposal (i.e. data, expertise and information system), the Library will provide Diet Members with what is needed in their activities.

Expanding and Enhancing its role to connect the Diet and the people

  1. The Library will provide the Diet with information from various sources including those acquired by cooperating with both domestic and foreign research agencies and researchers. Also, by cooperating with related organizations, the Library will facilitate the people's access to the information formed by action of the Diet, thus connecting the Diet and the people.

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