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Books on Japan

ISSN 1347-7684

"Books on Japan" on the web provides bibliographic information of books on Japan in Western languages processed by the National Diet Library (NDL) in and after 2002 on a quarterly basis (issued in January, April, July and October).
The data appearing during a year will be accumulated and combined next year.
You can see back issues on Web Archiving Project. Please search with the keyword "Books on Japan".

Jan. - Mar., 2020 251 titles As of Apr.28, 2020
Apr. - Jun., 2020 153 titles As of Jul.28, 2020
Jul. - Sep., 2020 317 titles As of Oct.27, 2020
Oct. - Dec., 2020 352 titles As of Dec.25, 2020
Cumulation Jan. - Dec., 2019 929 titles As of Apr.28, 2020