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Our Services

Instructions for Use of the National Diet Library

As the sole national library in Japan, the National Diet Library has been building its collections mainly by the legal deposit of Japanese publications in accordance with the Legal Deposit System. These Instructions on using the Library are prepared in order to provide good library services to a wide public, and to preserve the library materials as the cultural assets of the Japanese people and make them available for future generations.

To enter the Library, it is necessary to agree to the Instructions for the On-site Use of the National Diet Library.
To use our photoduplication services, it is necessary to agree to the Instructions to Use Photoduplication Services.

Outline of the NDL services

The National Diet Library (NDL) provides on-site library services including reading and photoduplication services at three facilities: the Tokyo Main Library, the Kansai-kan of the NDL, the International Library of Children's Literature (ILCL). The NDL also offers remote user services, which are available without visiting the NDL in person, such as online photoduplication requests. Please check below for each service.

Guidance for User Registration

User registration is necessary for fully enjoying the materials and services of our library. You can also visit us as a one-day user, but available materials and services will be limited. You are therefore highly recommended to become a registered user. Registration is free of charge., but an identification document is needed for the procedure. Please see the following page for further information.

On-site user services

Visiting the NDL, you can enjoy the on-site library services such as reading materials, and having materials copied. Please note that materials of the NDL are not loaned out to individuals. For further information on services, library holidays, etc. please go to each library's website below.

For contact information for inquiries on on-site user services, please check "Contact Us" at the lower right of each page.

The NDL offers events such as instruction sessions, lectures and exhibitions at the libraries. Please check the following page.

Remote user services

Without visiting the library, you can enjoy various remote user services including online photoduplication requests, reading services at and reference services through your nearest library. For further information, please visit the following websites.

Please go to the following site for an outline and list of the online services on the NDL website including online catalogs, digital images of the NDL collections, information sources for various research, information on the Diet.

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