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Reference Service

Information on library rules, catalog arrangement, and material location is available at the Information Desks on the second floor of the Main Building and the second floor of the Annex and also at the counter of each special materials room.

How to Use the Reference Service

Library guidance:

Each Information Desk provides guidance on the use of the catalogs, access to materials, orientation toward various special materials rooms.

Research guidance:

At the NDL, visitors can receive (a) guidance on how to select books, bibliographies and reference books suited for their research subjects and (b) information on organizations related to the research subjects. For research guidance, please inquire at the Humanities Room (Main Bldg. 2nd Fl.), Business, Science and Technology Room (Main Bldg. 2nd Fl.), or other special materials rooms.

The National Diet Library cannot provide guidance or information with respect to the following inquiries and requests:

  1. Inquiries which will entail guessing, inference or value judgment by an NDL staff member, for example making a prediction of the future.
  2. Recommendation of good books and prompting of the purchase and sale of books.
  3. Appraisal and investigation of the market prices of old books, writings, art objects.
  4. Deciphering, annotation, translation and excerption of a document.
  5. Research for finding answers to school assignments, study reports, graduation theses, prize contests.
  6. Research that may infringe on some person's privacy.
  7. Consultation on personal, legal, medical and pharmaceutical matters.
  8. Compiling a systematic bibliography.
  9. Research and investigation on behalf of others.
  10. Search of articles, photos, etc. that are inaccessible by ordinary search methods.

Inquiry by Phone

The NDL answers inquiries on library and material guidance by telephone. Regarding inquiries about a book or a periodical, you are recommended to collect information on the title, author, year of publication and publisher in advance.

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