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List of Online Services

You can have a look at services of NDL provided on the Internet.
Asterisk(*) means Japanese only page.

Category Name of Service Summary
Searching Portal NDL Search Provides services that enable integrated search of bibliographic data and digital archives of prefectural libraries, archives, museums, institutes of academic research and NDL.
Web NDL Authorities All the authority data created and maintained by the NDL are available. Web NDL Authorities also exchanges links with the Virtual International Authority File (VIAF).
Information Diet & other Parliaments Legislative Information * This page provides documents and informations derived from activities of the Diet.
Full-text Database System for the Minutes of the Diet * Full-text database of the Diet session proceedings since the 1st session (May, 1947).
Database System for the Minutes of the Imperial Diet * All proceedings from the 1st session to the 92nd session (November 1890 to March 1947) are available.
Index Database to Japanese Laws, Regulations and Bills * This database contains information on the promulgation dates (dates of announcement in the Official Gazette), dates of amendment, dates of abolition, etc. of the laws, orders and ordinances issued since 1886. It also contains information on the bills introduced to the Imperial Diet (1890 to 1947) and the Diet (1947 to present).
Index Database to Laws and Regulations in early Meiji Japan * This database contains information on the laws, orders and ordinances promulgated in the period between 1867 and 1886.
Online Catalogs NDL Online The National Diet Library Online Search and Request Service (NDL Online) provides services to search and request the library's materials and digital contents held by NDL.
Title List of Electronic Journals Provided at NDL You can search and browse the title lists of electronic journals provided at NDL.
Search Guide RESEARCH NAVI * This site provides a search guide and helps you find information resources such as books and websites. (Mainly in Japanese: some are also available in English.)
Collaborative Reference Database * You can search case data of answers and reference know-how on specific subjects, collected from public libraries, university libraries,school libraries and special libraries, the NDL and others.
Current Awareness Portal This site provides information on libraries and library and information science in and outside of Japan (Most issues are in Japanese; a few are in English.)
Digital Collections NDL Digital Collections The NDL Digital Collections enables a user to search and view a wide variety of digital materials collected and stored by the NDL.
Historical Recordings Collection (Rekion) This Collection consists of digitized sound recordings which were originally recorded on 78rpm records and released from around the beginning of 1900 to 1950s in Japan. It includes Japanese traditional music, popular songs, lectures, etc. Sound sources after copyright clearance are available on the Internet.
Web Archiving Project (WARP) The NDL collects, archives and provides websites and online periodicals of public sectors institution and others. The contents are able to be searched by keyword and so on.
Records of Earthquake NDL Great East Japan Earthquake Archive The searching portal collects, preserves and provides the records related to the Great East Japan Earthquake to pass them on to future generations for recovery and reconstruction of the disaster-afflicted areas or disaster preparedness planning.
Online Gallery Online Gallery The NDL Gallery features electronic exhibitions of the NDL's unique collections with easy-to-understand explanations. For details, please see the Online Gallery page.
For Kids Kid's website * This site easily introduces about the NDL and the ILCL

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