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Remote photoduplication service

You can request photocopies without visiting our library and receive them by courier or postal mail in a paid service.

This service is available to Registered Users for individual, and Registered Institutions Users. Patrons who are not registered users may request copies via a local public or university library that offers interlibrary services. Please ask at your local library.

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Materials for which photoduplication services are available

  • All materials held by the NDL (including some materials published online) are available for photoduplication except for the following materials:
    • Residential maps
    • Electronic materials and audio-visual materials (CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Printouts from subscription e-journals and e-books are only available to individual patrons in Japan. Available e-journals are listed below: Find e-Journal / e-Book

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Before applying

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The means of application differs depending on the purpose of copying.

For his/her own "study or research"

Request via the Internet

You can apply for photocopies via NDL Search. Please refer to the "Remote Photoduplication Service" of NDL Search Help Page to learn how to make photocopy request.

Request by postal mail

You may send requests by postal mail using the Request Form for Remote Photoduplication (Courier or Postal mail) (PDF: 301KB) in the following cases:

  • Need copies of materials that are not included in the NDL Search.
  • No Internet.

Other than for his/her own "study or research"

Please submit such requests by postal mail when copying for a purpose other than study or research. (e.g., submission of copies to a court) You cannot apply online. You are required to submit an Application for Permission (PDF: 165KB) along with a Request Form.

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Fee and Payment


Please refer to the following page for information on copying fees.


Payment is made after receipt of copies. An invoice is enclosed with your copies when shipped. After receiving your copies, please check to be sure they are correct and make a payment at a bank or convenience-store within 20 days of receipt. Please be aware that additional transfer fee might also apply.
If you are overseas user, please see also Remote photoduplication service for overseas patrons.

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Forms and Mailing Address


Mailing Address

ILL-Section, Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library
8-1-3 Seikadai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
619-0287 Japan

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Inquiries about Photoduplication Service

Please visit the following pages before contacting us:

If you have not found an answer, please contact us by telephone or email.

Inquiries about remote copying service in general, materials in Kansai-kan's collection, and copying of digital data

ILL-Section, Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library
Tel: 0774-98-1313 / E-mail: ill-secat n d l dot g o dot j p

For questions about copying materials stored at the Tokyo Main Library, please contact:

Photoduplication Service Division, Readers Services and Collections Department
Tel: 03-3581-2534 / E-mail: mccopyat n d l dot g o dot j p

For questions about copying materials stored at the International Library of Children's Literature, please contact:

Resources and Information Division,International Library of Children's Literature
E-mail: shijo-ilclat n d l dot g o dot j p

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