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Special Materials Rooms & Reading Rooms

Special Materials Rooms

In each special materials room, electronic journals and databases as well as library-generated content are available. For details, please see Electronic Resources Service at the Tokyo Main Library.
A book detection system (BDS) is used at the room entrances. The BDS could affect implantable medical instruments such as pacemakers, so please pass through the entrance promptly without stopping.

Name Location Features Remarks
Business, Science and Technology Room Main Bldg. 2F Reference books on business and social science, science and technology
Abstracts and indexes of science and technology
Humanities Room Main Bldg. 2F Reference books on general subjects and humanities, core journals of library & information science  
Rare Books and Old Materials Room Main Bldg. 3F Rare books, semi-rare books, Japanese old books up to Edo Period, Chinese old books up to the Qing Dynasty, etc. Application form is required to use the room.
Map Room Main Bldg. 4F Single-sheet maps published from 1868 (topographical maps, geological maps and hydrographical charts etc.), residential maps  
Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room (Kensei-shiryôshitsu) Main Bldg. 4F Documents and microfilms related to modern Japanese political history, microfilms of GHQ documents, materials related to Japanese immigrants Application form is required to use the room.
Music and Audio-Visual Materials Room Annex 1F Audio-visual materials, musical scores, electronic publications (CD-ROM etc.)  
Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room Annex 3F Parliamentary documents, official gazettes, statutes, court reports and treaties of Japan and other countries
Publication catalogues, directories, annual reports, statistics of Japanese and foreign government offices and publications of international organizations
Reference books on law and politics
Newspaper Reading Room Annex 4F Newspapers (original, reduced edition and microfilm), newspaper clippings  

Reading Rooms

Name Location Features Remarks
Reading Room 1 (Main Building) Main Bldg. 2F Books and periodicals Free Wi-Fi is available.
Reading Room 2 (Main Building) Main Bldg. 3F Books and periodicals Use of equipment is banned in all seats.
Reading Room (Annex) Annex 2F Books and periodicals Microform reading desks and desks for visitors with computers are available. Equipment can be used in all seats.
Free Wi-Fi is available.
Reading Room for Persons with Disabilities Annex 2F User terminal and other devices for the visually impaired This room is available to patrons who have any disabilities.
Special Purpose Reading Room (Books) Main Bldg. 3F Loose-leaf materials and damaged materials  
Special Purpose Reading Room (Periodicals) Annex 2F Periodicals that should not be copied  

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