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Business, Science and Technology Room

Opening hours: Mon. to Fri. 9:30–19:00, Sat. 9:30–17:00
Requests for closed stack materials: Mon. to Fri. 9:30–18:00, Sat. 9:30–16:00

Features and collections

The Business, Science and Technology Room houses reference materials on the natural sciences, technology, medical science, business, society, and education.
Encyclopedias, dictionaries, abstracts, indexes, data books, statistics, annuals, company directories, industrial trends, and market reports are available on open shelves.
Most individual standards, patents, and foreign journals are housed at the Kansai-kan in Kyoto. Please ask the reference staff for help requesting these materials. Some foreign online journals are available at the Tokyo Main Library via computer terminal.

Examples of English materials in this room

Materials for science and technology

In print

Industrial standards (JIS, ISO, ASTM etc.), pharmacopeias (Japan, US, EU, etc.), data books (Beilstein, Gmelin, etc.), and abstracts.


Web of Science, Science Direct, SpringerMaterials, Reaxys, IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL), USP-NF online, Science of Synthesis

Materials for business and social science

In print

Company directories (Companies and Their Brands, a Gale Trade Names Directory; Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies)
Industry trends (Plunkett's Industry Almanac)


EBSCOhost, Mergent Archives, Lexis, United Nations iLibrary, OECD iLibrary

Online resources

In addition to materials on the open shelves, we also have a wide variety of online databases that provide access to technical information and trends, physical properties of materials, market trends both in Japan and overseas, company profiles, and statistics.
The NDL's Research Navi website is another place where you can find useful research materials, including as books, magazines, websites, and databases.

How to find books in this room

Library materials in this room have a shelf code that indicates their location on the open shelves. Shelf codes are included in NDL Online search results. Most materials are shelved by shelf code in alphanumerical order.

  1. Log into a terminal or use your smartphone to access the NDL Online.
  2. Find the shelf code for a book or magazine in the search results.
    Examples of shelf codes: "棚:FS22" or "棚:エネルギーb", etc.

NDL online reach result

  1. Use the shelf code to find the location on the open shelves.
    Materials in this room are arranged by shelf code in alphanumerical order.

Business Science and Technology Room Floor Plan

Materials may only be taken out of this room for photocopying. To do so, first please make a photocopy request at the enquiry desk in this room.
Materials on open shelves are only available for same-day photoduplication service. No more than five different materials can be ordered at a time.

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