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Quick Guide

When Visiting the NDL

  1. The visitors' entrance to the NDL is on its eastern side. Books are available in the NDL Main Building, and Periodicals in the Annex. The Main Building and the Annex are linked by corridors. (See the Map of the National Diet Library for the entrance location.) Non-registered users must enter the Library from the entrance in the Annex.
  2. For security and other reasons, the following cannot be brought into the Library. Please put these items in the lockers in the entrance hall. (To use a locker, you need to put in a 100-yen coin. The coin will be returned when you open the locker again.) You can take your purse, writing instruments, and valuables with you in a transparent bag provided in the Locker Room.
  3. To open the Entrance Gate and enter, registered users touch the user card on the Gate.
  4. If you have not already registered, you can apply for user registration and receive a Registration Card at User Registration Counter in the Annex.
  • *Permission is required to use the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room, the Rare Books and Old Materials Room, and the Music and Audio-Visual Materials Room.
  • *In the Library, you will need a writing instrument to fill in forms to receive materials or have them photocopied. You will also need some money with you to pay for photocopy services.
  • *For more information about the Library's services and materials, please inquire at the General Information Desk in the Main Building and Annex.
  1. Users wishing to enter without making a user registration can obtain a One Day User Card.
  2. A user card is required when using library terminals searching, requesting, receiving, returning and having materials photocopied; you should not lose or damage it.

Items not to be brought into the Library

The Items listed in the box below are NOT allowed inside the Library. You are requested to put them in a locker. To use a locker, you need to put in a 100-yen coin. The coin will be returned when you open the locker again. Please put your umbrella in an umbrella stand. For the details, please see the Instructions for the On-site Use of the National Diet Library.

Bags, envelopes and any other opaque containers 7x10 inches (17x25cm) or larger, copiers, cameras, videos, scanners, blades, hazardous goods, umbrellas, and any other things that could damage library property or annoy other readers.

  • *Please turn cell-phones to silent mode in the NDL building and speak on them only in the designated areas. Using the camera function, scanner and recording function, radio function, etc is prohibited.
  • *Visitors carrying a PC, word processor, sound-generating pocket calculator or other equipment must use it only in certain designated sections of the Library. Outlets are available.

When Leaving the NDL

Please return all the materials you have borrowed before you leave the Library. You must return the user card to the Entrance Counter when you leave the library (except Registration Cards).

Lost and Found

Lost property is kept in the Library. To reclaim, please call or visit:

Tel: 03-3581-2331, Lost and Found, NDL (1st floor, Main Building).

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